Is Artificial Intelligence more transformative to humanity than Fire & Electricity?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is well and truly upon us, with the CEO of Google claiming that AI’s impact will be even greater than that of fire or electricity on our development as humans. But is AI really the future of technology? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the combination of different technologies that work collaboratively […]

Building a Winning Culture

Most people believe the key to a company’s success is in its heart and soul. The importance of building a winning organisational culture is unquestionable for leaders and managers who are looking to improve productivity within their workforce. However according to a survey by Bain & Company whilst over 68% of company executives believed their […]

Delta Variant. What’s next for going back to the office?

As the UK government has withdrawn its advice for employees to work from home, more organisations than ever will be instituting hybrid working models.  However can we be sure the government will not recommend we should work from home where possible again this winter?   The main topic for many businesses post pandemic lockdown is […]

Small businesses are yet to adhere to IR35

More than half of small businesses are yet to adhere to IR35 “off-payroll” regulations, according to a survey by accounting firm BDO. Fifty-five per cent of SMEs who use contract workers have not yet formalised processes to ensure contractors are within the rules, with many claiming they will deal with this once the pandemic subsides.  […]

Promote Workplace Diversity Through Employee Engagement

There are five clever ways to improve employee engagement through diversity-focused initiatives and operational processes for your workforce. 1. Educate Managers on the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace The relationship between managers and employees is a critical one. Most people quit their jobs specifically because of a disconnect with their managers. Don’t assume that […]

Six steps to creating the perfect graduate on boarding experience


Onboarding a new graduate should be handled a little bit differently to those who have years of experience. You want to make them feel comfortable and not overwhelm them on the very first day. Make sure that when your new graduate’s first day comes to an end, they know they’ve made the right decision in […]

Record increase in starting salaries as candidate supply plummets

woman holding coins to eyes

An unprecedented drop in candidate availability and greater competition for workers has led to a record increase in starting salaries for permanent staff and a steep rise in pay for short-term roles, according the latest monthly figures from the REC. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation and KPMG’s Report on Jobs signalled a further rapid increase […]